Baltimore’s Inner Harbor- Take a boat ride!-photo by Rose Hammitt

Baltimore's Inner Harbor- Take a boat ride!-photo by Rose Hammitt

Probably the best way to learn the history of Baltimore and abour the War of 1812, also called the Forgotten War is to take a boat cruise. My friend Rose and I had the honor of riding with Captain Garry Domnisse on the National Anthem Tour by the Sea where we learned about how the British had comandeered American ships and pressed their seamen into the Royal Navy. We learned about Frances Scott Key and his relief at seeing the American flag still flying the next moring after the boambardment by Bristish ships . He was so moved that he penned what we now know as the Star Spangled Banner.

The beauty of the harbor means so much more after learning the history of what went on in these waters and the impact they made on our nation. Check out for more information, you will be glad you did. We also took a ride on the Inner Harbor Cruise and loved them both.

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