President Harding’s Home, a Marion Ohio legacy-picture by Keith Ladage

President Harding's Home, a Marion Ohio legacy-picture by Keith Ladage

Marion Ohio is a pretty town. Known as the home of the Huber tractor, and later the Marion Shovel, Marion is also where Warren G. Harding, the 29th President, ran his front porch campaign for President. The home is open for tour and offers more than 5,000 original items, including 300 from the White House.

The website shares that, “This summer, we’re featuring many newly displayed objects which President and Mrs. Harding used in the private quarters of the White House. Inspect a pristine portable movie projector that they used to view Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin movies. Marvel at an intricately carved meerschaum pipe that President Harding used in his private office, and examine Mrs. Harding’s collection of carved elephant figurines that filled a curio cabinet in the family quarters.”

This house was home to the Hardings from 1891 through 1915. I found the family history quite interesting with the First Lady, Mrs. Harding having a previous marriage was abandoned by her husband and had a young son. She made a living by teaching piano before marrying Warren G. Harding. She studied to be a concert pianist.

Warren G. Harding owned The Marion Daily Star newspaper, with a circulation of about 11,500 before he went into politics. The Harding’s left Marion when he entered the U.S. Senate.

When he ran for President, he carried on his Front Porch Campaign. During his short time in office he established the Bureau of the Budget and the Veterans Bureau. He died of a heart attack on Aug. 2, 1923 in San Francisco. Mrs. Harding, who suffered for many years with kidney disease, never returned to her Marion home, and died on Nov. 21, 1924
For anyone that enjoys presidential history, this home is a great stop with tour guides that provide insight into the life of the Hardings. Log onto for more information.

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