Beautiful Von Jakob’s

Beautiful Von Jakob's

On the edge of the Shawnee Forest sits the beautiful Von Jakob Vineyard and Brewery. The Von Jakob family started growing grapes outside their southern, Illinois home in 1996 and the business has been open for 15 years.

During my travels south I stopped at this location and was amazed by the view out the backdoor and appreciated how lovely the inside of the building is.

With over 20 variations of grapes and eight beer offerings there is a selection for any wine or beer connoisseur.

Von Jakob has have only been brewing their German style beer since 2010.

“Ridge Red is our best selling wine,” Kevin Flinn of Von Jakobs said. “It is made from Concord grapes. Kroshenfeler, a sweet wine blend of Vidal Blanc and Concord has won double gold on a national level.”

Kevin shared that the Honey Mead series of wines that Von Jakob Vineyard has 75% fermented honey and 25% juice. “We got the recipe from the owner’s grandmother who came from Germany.”

Kevin added that part of the term honey moon came from a bride’s dowry when the father-in-law supplied a month’s worth of honey mead for the first month of the marriage. “My favorite is the Honey Raspberry,” Kevin said.

Now offering four course weekend dinners and lodging from their bed and breakfast cottages, a visit to the vineyard can be a weekend stay. More information is available at their website

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  1. Trisha May

    Isn’t Southern Illinois beautiful? It’s nice to see someone else appreciating what we have here. I hope you enjoyed your trip to the southern part of the state.

    1. Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl

      I really enjoyed it, there are a couple other posts on here about some of the places I stopped at and more are coming, this is a great place to travel and probably one of the prettiest places I have ever seen!

  2. Pansy

    Very good write-up. I absolutely love this site. Keep writing!