Rim Rock’s Recreational Trail Offers Views like this twisted tree clinging to the rock

Rim Rock's Recreational Trail Offers Views like this twisted tree clinging to the rock

While staying at Rock Rim’s Dogwood cabins, Rose Hammitt and I took time to hike on the Rock Rim Recreational Trail that is located just across the street from the cabins. Part of the beauty of staying at the cabins and being in close proximity to the recreational trail and Pound’s Hollow is that you can just walk out your door, park the car and head out.

Part of Hardin County, this area was first settled by Europeans in the 1700’s. The beauty loved by the original settlers is still intact and the early settlers to Rim rock called the formation ‘the Pounds,’ an old English term meaning “some sort of enclosure.” According to the Forest Service, this is how the valley lying to the east got its name, Pounds Hollow.

We were amazed to see that the initial part of the trail is actually flagstone. We trekked along the flagstone path and this was the first time I have ever hiked on a walkway!

While the trail starts out as flagstone, it eventually turns to dirt and leads to the base of the bluffs before looping back to the parking lot. Along the lower trail, you will find impressive sandstone rock formations, massive bottomland hardwood trees and Ox-lot Cave, a massive rock overhang where the 19th century loggers kept their oxen and horses. The picture above shows one of the many trees that grew twisted hanging onto the side of the rock becoming like a statue or bonsai tree formation in nature.

We literally ran out of time with the park closing at 6:00 but I want to go back again to hike the upper trail. The US Forestry website said the upper trail, “… features interpretive signs explaining the past uses of the area and the natural and cultural characteristics found today. The trail leads past remnants of a stone wall built by prehistoric Native Americans, a CCC plantation and an observation platform…”

I would also like to go back and swim in the Pounds Hollow Lake, so many things to do, just so little time!

For more information about the Rim Rock Recreational Trail, log onto http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5106385.pdf.

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