The Edana Locus Mansion, a wrong way turned out right

When my mom, Lori and I headed for the cool Wooldridge monument in Mayfield, Kentucky, we ended up at the Edana Locus Mansion. This mansion housed the Mayfield Graves Tourism Commission. We entered this lovely fourteen-room house surrounded by seven acres of garden and lawn to find out where we went astray.

A young woman that said she was with the Chamber of Commerce. She provided us with directions to the strange monument, that was unlike anything I have seen before or since. She also allowed us to traipse through the lovely home and peer into the rooms that are mostly offices today.

The home was built by Edana Locus who although starting out with only an 8th grade education. However by working as a day-wage painter he became one of the wealthiest men in Kentucky.

The home served as a library for several years, then in 19945 became the Chamber, Tourism and Graves Growth Alliance. Located at 201 East College Street, Mayfield, KY if in Mayfield make a right turn to enjoy our wrong one!

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  1. Angela Hayden

    The home was built by Ed Gardner. His wife’s name was Annie. Hence the name “Edana” . Locus is a latin term for house or mansion. We hope that you enjoyed your visit!