Beautiful Banowitz Antique Mall

Beautiful Banowitz Antique Mall

Located in the town of Maquoketa, Iowa, Keith and I made a visit to Banowitz antique mall. The stop made me wish I had a Victorian home ready to fill with antiques galore, or that I had a new tea room/ice cream parlor with ceilings ten foot tall to put the most amazing wooden bar I have ever seen dead center. I can picture me dipping ice cream to customers as they perch on stools and watch behind them in the old lovely mirror.

I was almost ready to start from scratch with both my dining room and kitchen when viewing the amazing wooden harvest tables and round oak tables Banowitz has to offer. While shopping Mr. Banowitz himself even stopped by to see if there was anything I was looking for. While I came away with only a very cool round glass plate and a jewelry pen, it is a place I will remember for a long time.

I read on their website that the mall is comprised of over 12,000 square feet filled with antiques and collectibles,f glassware, china, pottery, toys, dolls, books, coins, jewelry, and country smalls. But most of all is furniture, furniture, furniture!

For more information on this fun store, log onto their website at

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