The World’s Largest Guitar at Charley’s in Pala Maui

The World's Largest Guitar at Charley's in Pala Maui

One day we found ourselves in the town of Pala, which is the last town before heading up the Road to Hana. A former sugar plantation town we found lots of cool shops to stop in and Charley’s for a quick lunch. Charley’s began as a juice stand. Named for their dog, a Great Dane, the restaurant has become a mega for artists, writers and musicians like Willie Nelson who they say stopped in for breakfast one day and has been a regular ever since. Willie Nelson along with other musicians played concerts at this quiet restaurant that is now more a tourist town than agricultural area.

Willy Nelson’s favorite guitar is named Trigger after Roy Roger’s horse. At Charley’s a favorite place to get your picture taken is at the giant replica of Trigger. The beautiful wooden replica was created by artist EONA.

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