Hank Snow’s Hometown Museum, RCA’s longest recording star

Loving country music the Hank Snow Home Town Museum struck a chord with me. I enjoyed the glitter of costumes and his story about overcoming many obstacles in his life including a rough childhood and the poverty of the Great Depression.

Born in Liverpool on May 9, 1914, information from the museum surprised me with just how high his star rose and how many hits he had accumulated over the years. “In his time, Snow was an international superstar, blazing a trail that few other Canadians – indeed, few others, period – had travelled before him. As a testament to his legacy, Snow as inducted into seven halls of fame, held the longest recording contract of any artist in the history of recorded music, and to this day, decades after his death in December 1999, holds the record for the song with the most consecutive weeks at number one on the charts.”

Snow’s cars, costumes and stories all come to life at this former railroad depot where his hometown museum is located. Open May through October on one wall are the albums and awards Snow achieved through his lifetime. Loving to travel myself, Snow’s recordings touch me with his longings to wander.

The CMT biography showed me just how early in life he did travel, running away at the age of 12, Snow joined the Merchant Marines and served as a cabin boy until he returned home and started on his musical path. Songs like “I’m Movin On” and “I’ve Been Everywhere” are just of few of his hits. Check out the website http://www.hanksnow.com/ for details.

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