A ride on the Brown Eyed Girl!


One of the highlights of my visit in Nova Scotia was a ride on Captain Ken and First Mate Sherri Taylor’s 44-foot Marine Trader trawler. As part of a group of travel writers that came to see the beauty of Nova Scotia’s south shore, there was no better way to revel in the beautiful Atlantic Coast that a sunset cruise with a lobster dinner!

Captain Ken showed us how to catch lobster and cooked it on the boat and they served it up with Sherri’s famous potato salad, melted butter and a roll. Captain Ken’s granddaughter helped serve the meal and we were serenaded by the wonderful music of locals Bruce Reid and Mike Elliott.

This was my first time eating a whole lobster and cracking it. Janette Farnall Wallace, our guide from the Nova Scotia tourism bureau showed me how to tackle the chore and I must say lobster never tasted so good!

Sherri took the time to point out the sites around the Shelburne Harbour and historic waterfront. 3rd while Ken cruised. The couple has started offering Sunday evening sunset cruises. Usually three cruises are offered a day. Log onto http://www.shelburneharbourboattours.com for details!

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