America's Cup, a place where innovation is king!

Larry and Diane Pankey just got their liquor license so they can sell wine and beer at their antique store America’s Cup.  The store is so named because of a painted advertisement on the side of their store that was once a grocery store. The picture says, American’s Cup an ad for a coffee company that had been in Peoria, Illinois.  The Pleasant Plains based couple decided to keep the name in honor of the former owners Bill and Gloria Kelso that had the painting retouched during the 70’s.

The store has a lot of very cool touches like a rope elevator and the new bar that Larry, a retired shop teacher made from doors found in the basement of the store.  “We repurpose everything,” Larry said.

The mirror above the bar came from tennis star Jimmy Connors casino that was once in Henderson Nevada. Who knew Jimmy Connors had a casino?

Larry’s personal collection of tools hangs above the bar and Larry has a story for each one.  An ox yoke he bought at a garage sale was used to move a family from Kentucky to Johnson City, Illinois. They yoke had a broken piece and Larry crafted the piece out of a hickory oak.  Innovation is king at America’s Cup.  I was charmed by the Pankey’s and the store.

This was a looking for something and stopped for directions stop. Next time I will go ready to shop and sip a local wine while I do.

For those that want to visit America’s Cup and see Larry’s display, they are located at 100 West Main Street in Pleasant Plains and are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Call 217-626-1258 or log onto their Facebook page! for more information.


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