Cell Phone parking at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, a blessing

Recently I went to pick up a family member from the airport and took my good friend Janna with me. Janna is from the area so besides the companionship on the ride down, she also knew how to get there with minimum distress and she knew about the cool cell parking tip.

There are two lots at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. These parking zones offer free waiting zones for motorists who need to pick up passengers. The website http://flystl.com/AirportGuide/CellPhoneLots.aspx outlines the details about the lots. “The Cell Phone Lot for Terminal 1 is one-half mile east of Cypress on Lambert International Boulevard. The Cell Phone Lot for Terminal 2 is inside Lambert’s Cargo City complex on the north side of Air Cargo Road, approximately 1/3 mile east of Terminal 2. Air Cargo Road connects with the Terminal 2 entrance just off of Lambert-International Boulevard.”

It is just like sitting at a drive in movie only the show is the flight arrival and status is on the screen allowing waiting pick drivers like me to see what is going on. While waiting you are required to remain in the car, but there is a very clean porta potty bathroom that even has a sink for washing up on hand. This spot makes it perfect so you don’t have to keep circling waiting for your passenger to walk out the door because there no parking and waiting until the passenger is walking right to the car.

The cell phone park works great, we parked and just visited until my sister called and said they had arrived. It took minutes to get to the arrival section, pick her up and head out.

Just thought I would pass along the tip. Making travel easier is a blessing whether you are the traveler or the one patiently awaiting your loved one’s arrival!