Holy Family Church, the only existing vertical log church from this time period


The grounds and the building of the Holy Family Church in Cahokia, Illinois are beautiful. Although we were unable to make it inside with the day’s schedule, we were able to see the site and wonder at the lovely black walnut logs of the church built in the Creole French style the poteaux-sur-sol style with the vertical logs.

We were on a historical journey learning about the Creole French and this was the first place we stopped and the last, we were unable to hook up with the tour group so only saw the outside of this lovely building. The Holy Family Church is privately owned by the church. This was built between 1787 and 1799 and actually served as the second church built on this site.

The first was built then the Pastor returned to France and the building deteriorated then burned. The second church is mentioned in a letter from the church wardens of the parish to the Seminary of Quebec dated June 6, 1987. The letter shows that they planned a new church and the church was completed in 1799. This church is very historically important because it is the only church and public building that has survived of this style.

The church was restored in 1949 and today is still used for religious purposes although a newer church stands next door between the older church and the Jarrot house.

The church was what brought the French Creole to the area and today this church stands as a beautiful reminder of the early French roots. Call 618-332-1782 for more information.

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