The RistRoller, a helpful tool for travelers and travel writers


Part of the joy of travel is sharing the wonderful places I have been with others.  However, one of the downsides is when writing blog posts my wrist will often get tired and sore.  While traveling I like to post as I go and then write up something when I get home.  The RistRoller is like a mini massage that after using for several days eases sore muscle ache.  My daughter Allie works on a computer for long periods of time as well and enjoyed trying out the RistRoller.

The website shares, “Massage and rejuvenate your wrists, palms, and forearms with the physician-endorsed, PATENT PENDING RistRoller.TM  Mini foam rolling is an offshoot of traditional foam rolling, which is widely practiced in athletic, rehabilitative, and home settings to improve range of motion, decrease soreness, and relieve pain. The varying diameters and densities of our mini foam rollers allow for more self-myofascial release options than ever before.”

It works for me and as a big plus the RistRoller company is kind enough to let me share their products. The first two commenters to respond will receive a RistRoller to keep.  I will then request your email to get your address and you too can enjoy the benefits of a RistRoller!

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  1. Sharon Hill

    That sounds like a great idea Cindy. I would love to receive one of these.

    1. Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl

      Thank you Sharon! Send me you address to my email and I will send you the RistRoller, I think you will love it!

      1. Sharon Hill

        Thanks Cindy for the RistRoller. I can’t wait to use it. Try to follow your blog as often as I can and enjoy your travels. Thanks