Earrings by Green Tree, traveling accessories that are eco friendly!

It is hard to find very cool, light weight jewelry that besides looking good, makes you feel good.  I think I have found the answer in Green Tree Jewelry’s wood cut earrings.  While I admit these are a Christmas gift I am keeping for myself, if looking for a gift, check them out!

This is a family business out of California where the product is made in the USA.  What I love about these creative designs is not only do they reflect who I am, but they are eco-friendly made from one of our most sustainable resources, wood.  In the introduction to their site the mention, “… With the modern standards and practices of the developed world, wood has re-emerged its self as one of the most sustainable resources we have. Sadly, these practices do not take place in most tropical regions of the world yet, but with more awareness and support of sustainably resourced suppliers, this will surely change.”

When traveling light weight is a key factor to me.  I often pick up jewelry when traveling and I tend to like the different.  I chose the Long Flower earrings that reflect my love of plants, theTeapot earrings which reflect my love of tea and collection of teapots and the Kinetic Gear earrings because they remind me of the antique tractor hobby I write about.  As a farmer’s wife, the use of wood, a natural product also is compelling to me.

On occasion when I get a chance like this to review a product for my blog I love that it opens up new items I had not learned about before.  As of now they  have over 500 different earring designs, along with bracelets, kinetic pendants and switch plates.Check out https://www.greentreejewelry.com for more information about this eco-friendly company !  You can also find them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/greentreejewelry/info/?tab=page_info.

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