Travel Resolutions or not…


This is the day, the day for making plans for the New Year and thinking about where to go and what to do.  Have you made plans for a winter get-away?  Do you have plans for a family summer outing or as a friend of mine has a long awaited honeymoon on the Spanish Rivera?

Grand plans, exalted plans run through my head.  I picture wooded trails, ocean beaches and mountain sunsets along with simple rides holding hands with my husband that has been by my side for decades. All these plans, all these ideas go with a lot of plotting.

My mom and I annually hit the road and this past year and the year to come has been one for family travel – making memories with loved ones to cherish as our years advance.  There are friends this past year that we have taken day trips with, and one that I often take long treks with as well as another friend that traveling to the NATJA conference is quick becoming a tradition.

While I am pouring over travel sites and hoping to be part of a press trip or two, today my eyes wonder to two pairs of shoes that traveled over the creek and through the back roads to grandma’s house to light  up our New Years.  They were waiting by the door with coats on and suitcases packed and walked toward me as I pulled in the drive. What can be more endearing?  What trip can mean more than that?

So today on this New Year’s Eve, I am not making resolutions for grand trips afar, but snuggling with grandkids that are growing faster than the speed of sound.  I am taking pictures of Papa asleep in his chair with kids crawling over him, I am planning on wearing a silly hat and blowing a horn and bringing in the New Year at ten o’clock with sparking grape juice and thanking God for all my blessings resolving to remember this day as the others unfold.

May God bless you in 2016 and may all your trips be merry!

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