Delray Open House – Memories and dreams combine

ben ladage

What better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than an open house for friends and family?  Our cousin’s son Ben Ladage along with his business partner David Ray just opened an auction house/reception hall.  The hall is named Delray for Ben’s late grandfather Delmar Ladage and for David Ray.  This is a partnership based on not only business, but heritage. At Delmar’s funeral, over 500 people attended the combination wake/funeral and like his grandpa, Ben has the gift of gab.

The hall was filled with people coming to wish Ben and his wife and David and his new bride well.  The building was once long ago a restaurant called The Only Place which as of late was a sad place, an empty building that had been many things, but now with Ben and David has been brought back to life.

The Ladage family is a large one and the Trinity Lutheran church family between Auburn  and Chatham is also a large extended family.  When we arrived, the building was converted to a lovely open place where new memories and great auctions will take place.

Check out those open houses, reconnect with old friends and family!  We did.  Log onto  to see what is coming up.  A toy auction is scheduled for the first of March!

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