Ventura Pier – view, sea and seafood

imageIn an art gallery in downtown Ventura my friend Linda and I saw a picture of a long pier stretching out into the water and it caught our interest. When we saw a second picture in another shop we asked what pier this was and found we were only a few miles away from the longest pier, Venture Pier.

We left the charming town of Ventura and pulled into the pier after paying the ten dollar parking fee entering the National Park that includes the pier.   Ventura pier is the longest wooden pier in California, it is 1958 feet long. It was built originally in 1872.  The last reconstruction was in 1993 until the one they are working on right now. We walked as far as we were able then headed to the Beach House the park ranger’s recommendation for dinner.

We had Seacake, a mixture of crab, shrimp and scallops, yum.  Sitting with the ocean waves beating against the shore, great food, the sun shining overhead and spending time with a lifeline friend, life is good!

Before heading back to Illinois we retraced out steps one last time to enjoy the view and another Seacake.  We found that you can park down from the pier in a public lot and if you purchase dinner they will validate your parking ticket and the cost for parking is then free.  Wonderful stop, wonderful food, great memories!

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