Bata’s, Oh the Bread!

Wonderful Bata bread!
Wonderful Bata bread!

While in Cedar Rapids on a press trip for an art story for Senior News & Times we stopped at the fun Bata’s Restaurant.

Located in the historic NewBo Neighborhood the historic building had been renovated and was quite lovely.  After looking over the menu my mom and I  decided to try out the bread.  We had been told by Jennifer Pickar of Go Cedar Rapids that people raved about it.  The dough is the same they use for their flatbreads, but the add cheese and a caramel sauce that is divine.

We did do a healthy turn by adding some vegetables to our lunch, they too were tasty. But,  there wasn’t a scrap of dough or sauce left when we finished.

Fun place!  Great décor and good food, that says it all! Log onto  for details.

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