The Labyrinth

The Crystal Lake Labyrinth is located on the west corner of  Crystal Lake Park in Urbana, Illinois.  The park and gardens are  across the street from Carle Hospital.  I discovered the pathway while waiting on a loved one that was having surgery.  Without the ability to sit still once the patient was in recovery I set out for a walk and happened upon the labyrinth which offers circles to walk and to help you become centered.  The single path was designed for meditation and reflection, this was especially appropriate in my case the day I walked it.

The Labyrinth was designed by Marty Kermecon and paid for by fund raised from the Baker Board and Carle Foundation.  Students from Parkland Community College’s Horticulture Department helped with the surrounding gardens.  What I though was particularly touching was that if you can’t walk the labyrinth there is a bench where you can trace the design for the same affect.

A nice find in a time of need. God leads us to places and gives us His peace in times of stress.  He answered a prayer for me that day and helped me become centered and focus on what was important.


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