Prairie Land Tractor Show its all about the buildings

This year’s antique tractor show in Jacksonville, Illinois was many things, but one of my favorite aspects was the buildings .  This year they unveiled a new cabin. This lovely cabin even had a poem on the wall outside titled Haskell’s Cabin by John P. Ward. The first stanza reads, “Prairie schooner in the van, Ox car, camp fire and trail of man.  Planted memorial of wilderness clan, Old Cabin.”image

The lovely poem and cabin caught you my attention along with the cool general store next door.

The band stand at Prairie Land is always an amazing site, along with the lovely church where show goers can attend service on Sunday should they wish.

There were several stand out tractors at this year’s show including the very cool George Tractor Yard Bird.  There was literature and memorabilia at the show including a very memorable International Harvester jacket.

Good memories, good show!