Head to the Old Luxemburg Inn for a bit of Springfield Nostalgia!

It’s not fancy, but the Old Lux (formally named the Old Luxemburg Inn) is like visiting an old friend that serves affordable, tasty food with a few memories on the side.  The Old Lux was a place to go after prom, a place to go for an anniversary or a big night out, or just a place to go with friends and have a great steak or I must add, a – lobster.

“A place off the beaten path with great service and better food!”, is the statement on their Facebook page in the About section and they are right.  It is a bit hard to find, but worth the look.

For years my husband Keith and I have been going to the Old Lux, some years more than ever, but we always when we are looking for a traditional, down home, Springfield local eatery, we keep the Old Lux in mind. Lately, we have been frequenting it a lot.  We like the food, we like the management and the great customer service.  The weekend before Thanksgiving, we visited the Old Lux with our friend Mark Dozier, who knows the owner of the Old Lux.  It was fun watching Mark and Dennis Butchek, the owner banter back and forth.

Dennis said he’s the third owner of the circa 1919 east-side spot told us the place started out as a grocery story and later turned into a restaurant.  With only 3 owners over the years, the place has remained virtually the same, at least since I have been going there in the late 70’s and on.  It fun to look at some of the old pictures on the Facebook page. While I usually always get steak, or their steak and shrimp combo, I decided to try the fried lobster and found it quite good although I have to admit, the shrimp and steak is my favorite.  The chives sauce on the baked potatoes is unforgettable!

When we left, Dennis escorted us to the car.  He and Mark said a fond farewell and we headed out with full stomachs, memories of a great dinner and in the back of my mind a need to come back to sample the ice cream drinks that Mark said are wonderful.

If in Springfield while traveling, or a local looking for a fun place to go, give the Old Lux a try.

Fried lobster and baked potato with chive sauce.
Fried lobster and baked potato with chive sauce.

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