North Little Rock’s Wyndham, a stay next to everything!

Recently on a hosted trip to North Little Rock I stayed at the wonderful Wyndham Riverfront Hotel. Easy to reach, I think the Wyndham had the best breakfast of any hotel I have ever stayed in. They have a chef at a waffle/omelet station that makes the best! There is also a buffet. In the evening, this turns into the Riverfront Steakhouse, which is one of the best local steakhouses in North Little Rock.

After we checked in, we just enjoyed the immense room and dinner at the Riverfront Steakhouse.  After ordering dinner, we had the best drink ever. Be sure to ask for a Snowbear, this wonderful concoction is a mix of ice cream, amaretto and kaluah, yum!IMG_2816

Part of the enjoyment at the Wyndham is the decor.  In the lobby is a lovely picture that according to Scott Sudduth of the North Little Rock CVB originally came from a house in Europe.  Inside the steakhouse were some awesome pictures by George Rodriguez from the Blue Dog series.  Originally from New Iberia, Louisiana, the Blue Dog pictures were based on a Cajun legend called Loup-garou.

Traveling to North Little Rock is an easy feat, its about a seven hour drive. If you are looking for a big dining experience, stop on the way down at Sikeston and have lunch at Lambert’s Café. You will love the down home food and the rolls that they throw at you.

The Wyndham is in such a great location, you have access to all that both North Little Rock and Little Rock has to offer without a lot of traffic. To get your bearings, try the Rock Region METRO Streetcar Tour which is just directly across the street from the Wyndham.  IMG_2817

There are also great restaurants, shops and theaters nearby as well.  The best part for us since we are from the rural area was the lack of traffic and easy maneuvering in this part of the city.  We loved the Wyndham and so will you!  Call 501-371-9000 to make reservations.

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