National Tell a Story Day, travel induced!

There is something about being in a car that is like being in a confessional.  Stories and confidences roll off the tongue and with today being National Tell a Story Day, it made sense to share a family tall tale.

My tall tale begins like many. Once upon a time, family was out hunting when they came upon an unbelievable sight.  They saw a beautiful Indian princess dressed in a white buckskin dress.

She was lying in a glass box.

The hunters stopped to admire and lifted the box to get a closer view. When oxygen hit she disappeared and it was like they never saw her at all.

Thats my family tall tale.  Traveling in the car with Keith today, I shared it.  I don’t think he was really impressed, but I love it and hope you do too.

On your next drive, share your family tall tales and make some memories as the miles go by.

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