Remember Mom on Mother’s Day!

Since mothers have eternally been a symbol of settling disputes it makes sense that the first proclamation of Mother’s Day in 1870 was by Julia Howe asking women everywhere to join for world peace.  Mom’s settle differences between siblings, family members and add peace and tranquility to most homes.  If you are lucky enough to still have your mom, take a minute and honor her with a call, a meal, or an event if she lives close enough.  If she is far away, make sure she knows you are thinking of her.

My sister Debbie Salisbury and I took our mother, Lora Disque, to a kitchen tour and to lunch, that is our standard treat every year.  We did it the week before Mother’s Day and we cherish our time with her.  I am lucky to get a chance to travel quite often with mom and we have a blast on our trips.  It is more important each and every year to cherish her and let her know she is top in my books. This past year we lost my husband’s mother, the sweetest woman ever, and our land lady for the land we farm. She was a second mother to Keith and taught this small town girl so many things about being a farmer’s wife.  With their passing, we have a hole in our heart, that probably will never truly be filled.

So spend time with your children, mom, or a person that is important in your life, because as you know, life doesn’t stand still and every day is a gift.

Becoming my Mother!

I look at her

and see me

so clearly

where it used to be


We say the same things, laugh at the same jokes

and it is clear we are related.

I never thought

I’d become my mother,

but today

when I see what a gracious lady she is

I am pleased to be compared

to her in any


shape or form.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you always!

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