Take me out to the ball game – The Down East Wood Ducks

Grainger Stadium is located in Kinston, North Carolina, a town of around 22,000.  The stadium was built in 1949 so Kinston has been a baseball town for generations.  This past August, baseball returned to Kinston with the arrival of the Texas Ranger farm team, the Down East Wood Ducks.

The team is named after the hard to catch Wood Duck that is a popular duck to hunt in this land of fishing and hunting. The duck is quite beautiful with its colorful plummage and is the symbol of this team that is making a splash in the Carolina league.

On a hosted trip to Kinston, I attended a game with a group of travel writers.  This stadium is pristine and the game was well attended even on Mother’s Day.  The players used a pink bat that would later be sold  and wore some pink in honor of the holiday.  The players average age is 19-21, these young men are living their dream and the residents of Kinston are playing a big part in it.

Bill Ellis Director of Parks & Recreation got us a photo op with the DEWD, the Wood Duck’s mascot.  The day was sunny and clear, the crowd friendly and my favorite thing was a fan decked out in a baseball dress with a big baseball bag and they won.

Go Wood Ducks!  If in the Kinston area, try a day of baseball and fun.

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  1. Carla Marie Rupp

    I loved your Wood Ducks story here. I was at that game enjoying it also. You describe it so well. It was so much fun at this winning game. Such a nice atmosphere! You write so well. Thank you!

    1. Cindy

      Thanks Carla, I thought this a fun place that brought sports to Kinston’s hometown!

      1. Carla Marie Rupp

        I agree! Baseball adds to the overall fun experience we had.

    2. Cindy

      Thanks Carla, it was great fun and brought sports right to Kinston!

  2. Peter Johansen

    It was a perfect day, wasn’t it!!! I especially admire the smart architect who positioned the stadium to keep spectators out of the sweltering sun! Thanks for transporting me back to that fun afternoon, Cindy.

    1. Cindy

      Thanks Peter, they did build an amazing ballpark, it was a great trip!