A Walk Along the Water

It was early morning in Courtenay on Vancouver Island and a fellow travel writer Tracy  from Washington had the same desire that I did to take a morning walk.  She shared the same get out and see attitude that I do.

We are here for the BC Shellfish & Seafood Festival and BC Seafood Expo.  Before starting our day, we took a walking path that was along the coastal waters of British Columbia, in an inlet, we spied a group of playful sea lions.

At home before leaving I took my geriatric dog Sherman for a walk and we saw a doe that stood stalk still for a few minutes looking at us. The sea lions really didn’t take any notice of us, but continued to frolic and lifted my spirits with every joyous appearance they made.

It is amazing to know that these coastal waters have over 100 sustainable seafood products, and an amazing array of sea life.  A seat mate on the plane on the way from Vancouver to Comax Valley shared that he and his wife catch and can salmon every winter, enough to last the year.  He showed me a great picture of her holding a beautiful rainbow trout, and a picture of a bear from a recent hike.

So many new adventures, so many things to see literally from the sea!

This mornings walk offered so much, a chance to get to know another with the same interests, a look at water, the sky, the fun sea lions and a chance to stir the soul realizing how blessed I was to be in this place at this time.

Think about getting out and seeing what is around you today.  It is amazing what is just outside your window, just a step from the office, or a block off the beaten path.

Live your own adventure today, I plan to make the most of it, as they say, “Cease the moment!”

Sea lions frolicking