Penfield and tractor power!

Most every year Keith and I go to Penfield, Illinois to enjoy the Historic Farm Days show.  This year I was taken by the tractor power, not of the newer muscle tractors, but by the massive heavy bulk of some of the beautiful old iron.  Seeing these huge machines in motion and hearing their rhythmic click, click as they move along is mesmerizing.  I love the steel wheels and the spikes like the ones on the Gaus family Twin City that also has an awesome plow wheel that Vern Gaus said came with the tractor when their father bought it at an auction back in the 90’s.

Tractors of all makes and models had a chance to try their horse power on the Dyno near where they were threshing wheat.  It was fascinating to watch the men standing on the wagon and using a pitchfork to toss the wheat into the thresher.  I have to admit, I am glad farming is a bit easier these days, but shows like Historic Farm Days shows us what it was like to farm years back.

Tractor enthusiasts got a chance to see plowing and threshing, saw milling and even huge engines run.  I enjoyed the Darrell Foster family and their display that was all about Farmall Cubs.  The love of the brand and this particular tractor goes family deep and the Fosters set up at shows like the Historic Days in Penfield, Illinois educating visitors about the history and importance of the Cub. Because of the small space, the Cub and their attachments take up, the Foster family is able to set up with their Cubs and the attachments that came with it. Some of the attachments include a Buzz Saw, an IH middle buster with a planter attachment, which is a rare piece and a one-point IH 184 planter, a one-point tool bar and a one point rotary hoe. “The one-point Sunflower Sun Master reel mower is the only one I’ve ever seen,” Darrell said.

Young Ripkin Miller told me all about his Allis Chalmers toys in the feature tent.  AC was the featured brand and Ripken who is a whopping six-years old got his first toy when he was born and he has been collecting ever since. His little sister Audrey four also got into the act and posed for a photo for me.

Tractors and implements are nothing without a seat and Nancy Hutchins of the Cast Iron Seat Collectors club shared some lovely cast iron seats. She and her husband focus on Rock Island seats and wrenches. Outside of the feature tent there was an amazing array of AC tractors and just about anything in between.

Tractor power, beautiful old iron in motion, made a lovely sight!