Chasing the Sun, find your solar eclipse

Do you have your solar glasses, your chair, your sunscreen and bug spray and most of all the spot picked out to watch the solar eclipse?  Even if you step out of your office for a few minutes on Monday, take a minute to acknowledge this rare happening when the sun, moon and earth align.

I am heading out to view the eclipse and follow the festivals surrounding it.  I want to breathe in the essence of the glory of nature and the celebration of the sun.  With summer waning and fall already starting to make its presence known in the ripening of the corn leaf, the shortening of the days and my farmer husband preparing for fall, the days of summer and the opportunities to celebrate are coming to an end.  This may and probably will be the only eclipse I will be able to witness in my lifetime.

Take care, don’t look into the sun, use glasses, or those dorky box views we used in gradeschool.  I will report back to you, and I’d like to hear how you observed the Eclipse and if you learned anything when it happened.  Will nocturnal animals come out?  Will flowers that only flower at night open up?  Will people act in strange ways?  What happenings will we see and experience?  Stay turned and we will find out!

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