Perillio’s Pizzeria A Happening Place!

A visit to Hendricks County, Indiana would not be complete without lunch as Perillo’s Pizzeria.  Damiano Perillo came to the States from Sicily and made his way to Chicago, then Indianapolis.  He wanted to live in a small town and that, and of course, a woman, is how he ended up in the small town of North Salem, Indiana with his very own pizzeria.

Perillo’s Pizzeria has been open since December 8, 2011 and it is a family affair. The building started out as a doctor’s office.  It has been a feed store, an apartment and saloon, but for Mr. Perillo, it was the perfect size for a small town pizza parlor.

With all of the businesses that had occupied the building, Damiano admitted to being superstitious and when one of the writers asked if the place was haunted he said, “We have an understanding, it is ours during the day, and theirs during the night.”

I never asked if he was serious or not .  He moved on to the next subject and the food arrived and that was that!

After our group of journalists descended on the little pizzeria we filled up the back half of the diner.

It was an agonizing decision trying to order from the extensive menu.  Luckily we all tried one of his delectable garlic rolls and I and several others besides myself had an amazing calzone big enough for a family of four.  I also enjoyed a salad full of fresh ingedients.

Many of the vegetables used are grown by the staff in their garden and for a while, Damiano even said they raised cows and used the milk for the cheese.  However after several escapes they put off raising livestock for the moment. Damiano explained it was a “the grass is greener” type of thing with his curious cows.

Two at a time, we had the chance to go back and see the sauce and bread that is made fresh daily, and witness the magic behind the scenes.

The little town appeared to be quite charming, and the best advertising came when a couple of locals said the Perillio’s Pizzeria  had amazing food and they frequented it on a regular basis.

If in the area, be sure to stop, the staff is friendly, Damiano is fun and entertaining, but best of all, the food is authentic and good! Bring cash because that is all they take so leave the debit cards at home.

Call 765-676-4171 for details!