A Ride on the 28 -Story Elevator and Glass Observation Deck!

My husband and mother say I am a thrill seeker, but its really not true.  You won’t find me sky diving or riding the world’s fastest rollercoaster, however, when I heard about the world’s tallest freestanding elevator, I said, “I’m in!”

This mechanical wonder is in a place I would least expect it.  Located at the Pyramid in Memphis’s huge Bass Pro Shop, this amazing ride is inside the shop and at the top visitors can enjoy food and drinks  if they so desire.

I found myself at this venue when our way to New Orleans and the Florida Fly Wheelers with our friends Kent and Jane Elliott and their daughter Beth.  Jane had a hankering to see the Bass Pro Shop and to meet the famous fisherman Bill Dance who was signing autographs that day as well.

This Bass Pro Shop is amazing.  When you first walk in, It is both the store entrance and the lobby of the Big Cypress Lodge, a 103-room wilderness hotel located inside the Bass Pro Shop!  Many of the rooms offer a private screened in porch with rocking chairs that offer a view of the cypress swamp below.

The entire pyramid is located right along the Mighty Mississippi so you can imagine when at the top of The Lookout, the amazing view of both the River and of Memphis.

Also located inside the shop is the Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center which was quite interesting, but I digress!

After seeing the shop with a pond, fish and ducks and even a gator viewing area, Beth and Kent and I decided to take our ride to the top.   Kent spoiled us buying our $10.00 ticket and we were soon rising to the top of the pyramid where we had a prime view of rooms of the Big Cypress Lodge.  At the top we got off onto the Lookout restaurant that offers quite a feat of a glass aquarium right in the middle  of the restaurant.

We stepped out onto both of the two observation decks and enjoyed the great view.  The river and the city lay 28 stories below.  The deck wall is chest high so the fear of falling is diminished.  Looking straight out I didn’t feel any fear, however when looking down at the side of the pyramid, it was a strange feeling seeing the slant of the pyramid side.

Great fun at a great place.  We posed with the famous Charlie Dance, saw awesome neon signs for all types of hunting items and I rode to the top of the world’s tallest freestanding elevator and saw Memphis and the Big Muddy at my feet, who could ask for more!