Spa Night with Tasha Hussey Products

Wrapping up summer travel can be rough.  Taking care of yourself while on the road isn’t easy.  When I had a chance to try Tasha Hussey Bath skin care I was delighted.  They sent me the product to review and I took the time to try them out.

I love the story of who Tasha Hussey is. This Jamaican born mother of three is an eco-conscious designer.  Tash Hussey is interested in eating clean and focusing on natural body care.  The skin care line came about because her youngest child suffers from severe eczema.  She launched  her skin care line in 2013.  Knowing the reason behind why Tasha Hussey created this line made me really want to try it.  The love a mother has for her child knows no bounds.  I assumed that this love would surely go into the product developed for the child as well.

Tasha Hussey
Spa Night with Stress Relief Bath Salts Soak and Eucalyptus Lavender Sugar Scrubs!

Spa Night!

My family laughs at me because I have literally fallen asleep in the tub.  I soak and read.  That is how I relax, so the bath salts soak was a perfect choice for me.  I selected the Stress Relief Bath Salts Soak.  The minute I opened the bag, the wonderful aroma filled the room with a soothing smell.  It didn’t take much to do the trick.  The salts are blended with essential oils.  They can be used in the shower as a salt scrub as well.  I didn’t need to do that though because I also had the luxury of cleansing with the Eucalyptus Lavender Sugar Scrub.

I waited to use the scrub and soaked allowing the Tasha Hussey Stress Relief Bath Salts Soak to do its thing!  The website shares, “Packed with organic herbal botanicals, dead sea salts, Epsom salts, apricot oil and essential oils, Stress relief bath salts will leave you feeling relaxed and your skin feeling superb.” They are right!  Best of all though, is the wonderful smell that opens up the sinuses and relaxes!

I learned more from the website about what is in the salts, “Dead sea salts from Israel are mineral-rich and contain high proportions of Potassium, Magnesium and Bromide. Potassium helps regulate the moisture level of the skin, Magnesium helps promote healing, and Bromide has a smoothing and relaxing effect. Dead Sea Salt exfoliates and revitalizes the skin and helps draw out toxins. Dead Sea Salt is well known for its ability to relieve aches and pains, reduce stiffness after exertion, relax the muscles and relieve skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.  Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, is used alone or included in bath salt blends. Epsom salt is known for its ability to ease pain and muscular tension. Epsom salt helps to reduce swelling, relax the nervous system and eliminate toxins from the body.”

Feeling relaxed and destressed, I was ready for the sugar scrub!

Clean Up Time!

The sugar scrubs are made by hand using 100% natural  ingredients. They exfoliate and moisturize skin.  The eucalyptus and lavender are essential oils that naturally promote stress relief. Sugar scrub is made from Brown Sugar, essential oil, Jojoba and safflower oil.  It is a bit messy, but it felt wonderful on the skin.  With everything so busy after travel, trying to get articles written and get ready for the fields I have been tense.  After the spa,  I could feel the stress melt away with the soak and scrub!

I felt relaxed and my skin felt great.  It took a minute to clean out the tub from the bath salt, but the wonderful smell and results make the little extra effort well worth the cleanup time.

What a great way to relax after being on the road.  Young mom’s during the busy back to school time will love the chance to soak and regroup.  Busy travelers like me sure think this is the way to get back on track taking care of your skin after a long road trip.  Try it, you will like it, I sure did!  Check out their line of products at their website at


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