Disney on Ice Frozen! Plan now for Grandkid Heaven!

Disney on Ice Presents Frozen is coming to Springfield, Illinois.  There will be seven performances at the BOS Center September 20-23, 2018!  I am excited to be part of this hosted experience offered by Feld Entertainment!  When I told my grandchildren I am taking them to take them to see the Magic of Disney on Ice they were impressed. My grandson Cade knew that Frozen was part of the new Disney on Ice experience.  “I saw the commercial grandma!” he said.

I half expected my granddaughter Lilly to burst out into “Let it go!”

Frozen is the award winning tale that will be told live in this production, capturing the dynamic of two royal sisters, Anna and Elsa.

What grandma didn’t hear several renditions of this after the movie?  Admit it, didn’t you sing it a couple times in the car yourself?  When  no one else could hear, didn’t you belt it out?

Don’t delay. Tickets are on sale right now.  Tickets for Disney On Ice presents Frozen start at $15. All seats are reserved, and tickets are available by calling Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000 or visiting www.Ticketmaster.com.

I was excited to learn that the complete adventure of the Academy Award® winning tale will be told live in this production. The story captures the saga of two royal sisters, Anna and Elsa. In case you don’t know the story, Feld Entertainment shared, “Anna, is a  girl with an extraordinary heart, that embarks on an epic journey to find her sister, the magical Elsa, who is determined to remain secluded as she finally feels free to test the limits of her powers. Rugged mountain man Kristoff, his loyal reindeer Sven, the lovable and hilarious snowman Olaf and the mystical trolls help Anna along the way in this story about love conquering fear. Audiences will get to sing along with such musical masterpieces as “Let it Go,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” and “Fixer Upper.”

“In our many years of producing Disney On Ice shows, Feld Entertainment has been waiting for a film like this,” says producer Nicole Feld. “While it might seem obvious that Frozen is well suited for the ice, this Disney On Ice production will touch audiences emotionally through innovative show elements and world-class skating.”

Frozen directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee add, “Seeing audiences around the world embrace Frozen has been the experience of a lifetime. And to now have the chance to consult with the talented team at Feld Entertainment and watch their creation come to life on ice, is thrilling.”

The grandkids and Springfield children alike will get a chance to see Disney On Ice presents Frozen, as well as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as they take the audience through the magical story based in Arendelle. There will be special appearances by beloved Disney princesses and favorite characters from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story and Finding Nemo and Disney’s The Lion King, who come together to prove that true love is the greatest power of all. Director Patty Vincent says, “Our goal is to showcase these heartwarming characters in a way that allows the audience to cheer and sing along throughout this emotional journey.”

The scenes in the movie of Frozen were quite lovely.  According to Feld Entertainment, those on ice are going to be a “completely immersive experience for the audience”. They shared that ” the set design will encompass the space from the ice surface up through the air, drawing everyone into the story and closer to the characters. Families will feel that they are trekking up to the North Mountains with Anna, Kristoff and Sven, and they will tangibly experience the storm inside Elsa. Elsa’s magic will be enhanced by state-of-the art special effects while her emotions will be conveyed through powerful skating.”

We will be there to take in this magical night, I hope you will be there too!  Again, tickets for Disney On Ice presents Frozen start at $15. All seats are reserved, and tickets are available by calling Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000 or visiting www.Ticketmaster.com.

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