Luxe at the Goldmoor Inn!

The Goldmoor Inn is tucked away in the hills south of charming Galena, Illinois. This castle like Inn exudes romance and it was the perfect place to celebrate our 39th anniversary! We were hosted for this amazing experience!

The Drive

Goldmoor Inn
de immigrant Dutch Windmill in Fulton, Illinois.

The drive itself was a fun experience once we left the highway and took the Great River Road. We discovered cool towns along the way and in the River town of Fulton we found an amazing Dutch Windmill called de immigrant . Built and preassembled in the Netherlands the windmill was installed by Dutch craftsmen during the Dutch Days Festival in 2000. I want to come back in the and see the windmill and attached museum.

A Little Shopping

Before arriving at the Goldmoor, we headed to lovely downtown Galena for some downtown shopping. We didn’t have a lot of time, so we focused on our favorites. For Keith, that was the antique shops 

Goldmoor Inn
We had a lot of fun in downtown Galena before heading to the Goldmoor Inn!

He found a few favorite items, and at Head to Toe, I found some great gifts and PJ’s. Keith went to take my picture and low and behold to our delight a woman stopped to take our photo and she turned out to be a photojournalist. How lucky we were!

The Goldmoor our suite!

Goldmoor Inn
Our suite had it all, beautiful furniture, a Jacuzzi tub, kitchenette, fireplace and more!

The drive to the Inn was beautiful. Located near the Chestnut Inn, a ski lodge, we drove through hills and dales with beautiful woodland views.

When we arrived we soon realized this historic inn which overlooks the Mississippi River has it all, stunning views, luxurious suites, amazing food and relaxing, therapeutic spa treatments!

Our suite was a peaceful oasis and they made us fill like Kings. Besides being filled with beautiful furniture, each has their own Jacuzzi tubs, kitchenette, fireplace, a spacious area, and the room was ready for us with several amenities.

Goldmoor Inn
The Goldmoor had luxury in every corner.

In the bathroom there is a heated towel rack! We were greeted with a table with flowers, ice in the bucket and bottled water. Soft music was  playing on the television and there was cookies!  Did I say, there were cookies!


It is easy to see whey the Goldmoor Inn restaurant received the prestigious 2017 Hall of Fame Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. The food was excellent. Keith had filet and I had a small plate of seared scallops and we shared. The steak melted in your mouth and his baked potato was cooked to perfection. My scallops along withthe crisp bacon and topping was just right!

I also had a glass of Cupcake Moscato, so I was in Heaven.

Goldmoor Inn
Dinner at the Goldmoor Inn was magical.

We noted binoculars so patrons can enjoy the amazing view and took note of that for breakfast.

The old world charm of the restaurant which is on the main floor of the Inn is romantic and luxurious. I noted some lovely art work and saw that some of it is for sale.

We had the chance to meet Birgit Radin who along with her husband Slobo owns the Inn. She offered to provide us with a tour of the Inn and the kitchen!

The Kitchen Tour

Goldmoor Inn
Chef Joshua offers scratch cooking in the Goldmoor Inn kitchen.

I felt like I was joining in on a Top Chef experience as we headed back to the kitchen where we met Chef Joshua Roberts. You may not know this about me, but I love cooking shows. My cooking may not reflect it however my eating does. I am a big chef fan!

Birgit pointed out the Chef’s table, where diners have a chance to experience dining right in the Chef’s kitchen! On our tour, chef Joshua showed us the details of the kitchen and the most exciting aspect for me was the dry storage and aging racks where they age steaks by wrapping them in butter.  No wonder that filet tasted so good! He also had some duck he was making into prosciutto.

Everything in the kitchen was made from scratch yum!

The Inn – What Else

Goldmoor Inn
Birgit Radin took us on a wonderful tour of her beautiful Inn.

Birgit took us on a whirlwind tour and shared a bit of the history of how they came to own this castle in the countryside. The house had been built originally as an A-frame and the original owner had built a couple cabins.

However, the previous owner had added onto the house and had a castle idea in mind and created the lovely kitchen we had just saw as well. So, when the Radin’s were looking for a bed and breakfast to own, knowing that the Goldmoor Inn had been updated just ten years before was a big draw.  “The previous owner had a vision of a castle and that is what we see today,” Brigit Radin shared. 

The Radin’s have been in the global hospitality industry for over 25 years, and after a nationwide search, they found the Goldmoor Inn. 

Goldmoor Inn
You can see the Pavilion with the Goldmoor in the background set in the lovely hills.

The Goldmoor Inn is an event spot. It is the idyllic place for weddings, an elopement, family reunions, and more. In the original room where they used to serve breakfast, they now offer small weddings for 50 or less.  Attached to this room is a patio so events can move freely from the indoor to the outdoor.  There is also a fun gazebo where small intimate events like elopement can take place as well.  Then there is also an outdoor pavilion where large weddings and gatherings can happen as well.

The Spa – ah!

When looking at what else we wanted to do, all I could think about was a massage. At the Goldmoor Inn, they offer a couples massage! We booked our couples massage in advance and paid before we arrived. Sunday morning we just showed up and masseuses Heather Barkhurst and Kathleen Pape took over. Soon they had us relaxed and pampered. What a way to spend an anniversary!

When looking at what else we wanted to do, all I could think about was a massage. At the Goldmoor Inn, they offer the option of a couples massage! We booked thisin advance and paid before we arrived. Sunday morning we just showed up and masseuses Heather Barkhurst and Kathleen Pape took over. Soon they had us relaxed and pampered. What a way to spend an anniversary!


Goldmoor Inn
Bluberry waffles and bacon were amazing!

Breakfast was as amazing as dinner. We had blueberry waffles with bacon. But….. before that we had fruit, and a croissant and coffee (for Keith, tea for me) and juice. It was delicious! Yum!

The Details

Birgit almost had to push us out the door on Sunday. In fact, we heard a story of a couple from Kathleen Pape that started home then one said to the other, “We don’t have to go home, why are we?”

Then Kathleen said, “They turned around and came back and stayed for a couple more days!

We did have to go, but before heading home, we went back to Galena where Keith picked up a cup I had saw at an antique store. Then we discovered the Galena and U.S. Grant Museum.  Very cool!

There is also Grant’s home and much more! 

Check out   For more information about the beautiful Goldmoor Inn, log onto Look for an upcoming article in Senior News & Times which will also have more details of our fun trip!

Note though this trip was hosted, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Jai

    Lovely- we have been going to Galena for many years. Favorite destination by far. Never been to Goldmor yet – looks amazing

    1. Cindy

      The Goldmoor is quite lovely! Galena is a favorite of ours as well!

  2. Katy F

    What a fantastic place to stay! I’ve been to Galena a couple times, but never to the Goldmoor Inn! Looks amazing!

  3. Val - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids

    My husband and I have stayed in Dubuque several times for a romantic weekend getaway but it looks like we need to cross the river and try out the Goldmoor Inn and Galena! It looks like a wonderful place to stay with lots of attention to detail.

  4. Tonya

    Galena has long been on my list of places to visit and the Goldmoor Inn looks like a lovely place to stay. It sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary!

    1. Cindy

      We had a great time, It was a wonderful way to spend an anniversary!

  5. Chrysa

    This looks like a fabulous place to stay. I could go for that breakfast for sure!

    1. Cindy

      It was so good! I wish I could eat there everyday!