Old Iron Fix

My husband Keith is usually in the fields during Aumann Auctions Pre-1930 auction. This auction focuses on, well items before 1930! Today he wasn’t in the fields and we headed over to see the myriad of beautiful old iron. In essence, I traveled across the countryside to Nokomis, Illinois and got my old iron fix.

I loved this lovely Turner tractor.

I saw a world record set for a tractor sell when a 1910 Marshall Colonial Class C tractor sold. This tractor was built by Marshall, Sons and Co. and built primarily for Export to English Colonies. Most of these beauties were shipped to Canada, South Africa, India and Australian markets, this beauty sold for a whopping $510,000!

There were little tractors and there were big tractors. There were many that were in the teens, but all were pre-1930. I was there with one tractor in mind, Henry Ford’s 5/8th scale Fordson that he built for his grandchildren. I was covering this beauty for Toy Farmer and had written about it for Illinois Times.

Besides this though there were also cars and trucks and I fell in love with a lovely Oshkosh truck.

I didn’t have to buy a thing though. I just wanted to look.

The Oshkosh truck as it crossed the stage!

Lately, it seems there has been a lot of people I love and care about that have passed on, or been ill. Today was a day to just go and have fun. A day to enjoy the beauty of machines and old iron. A day to glory in the past accomplishments of companies many gone by the wayside, but not forgotten.

Today was a day for fun, a day to get my old iron fix!

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  1. Jai

    Love old farm equipment. An age gone by. Thanks for bringing it to the readers.

    1. Cindy

      Thanks Jai! I enjoyed seeing all the amazing equipment they brought to this sale.