A Stay at Cave Creek Cabins!

Cave Creek Cabind
Two cabins set side by side connected by a deck making this a great family or friend getaway.

My friend Rose Hammitt and I went on a trip to tour Rendleman Orchards new Zinna field and see the peach orchard. After our tour, we had a sponsored stay at Cave Creek Cabins. Roger and Shirley Bullock built these cabins in 2017 and they have offered amazing stays for visitors to Union County ever since!

Before our orchard tour we stopped at the cabins and Roger greeted us and gave us a rapid fire once over as we dropped off our luggage. We both were very impressed with the lovely cabin and amazed when Roger told us that he built the furniture, the counters and the trim using reclaimed lumber. “The wood came from a building in Mt. Vernon from 1905,” Roger said. “The only piece of furniture not reclaimed is the armoire in the bedrooms.”

cave creek cabin
The counter and island table are made of reclaimed wood.

A woodworker and home builder, it is easy to see that craftsmanship is part of the Cave Creek Cabin experience.

Location of Cave Creek Cabins

The location was perfect for our stay. Cave Creek Cabins are located a quarter mile from Rendleman Orchards. In fact, the cabins are located within the orchard. The cabins are near Alto Pass and the amazing Bald Knob Cross, the 2nd hightest point in Illinois.

The cabins are located along the Shawnee Wine Trail and a growing number of craft breweries. A two-story affair, they have one bedroom upstairs, and one downstairs. There are two bathrooms. With 1500 square feet, the cabins are expansive and offer a great amount of privacy.

Idea for the Cabins

Roger is a hunter and fisherman and the idea for the cabins came about after Roger had been deer hunting with Wayne Rendelman. He learned that the property was for sale. “My brother’s company does maintenance and lock changes on foreclosing properties and this was a foreclosed property,” Roger said.

Roger Bullock
Roger with a walking stick he made poses on the upper deck at Cave Creek Cabin.

After tearing down the previous building, the idea to build cabins he credits to his wife Shirley and his daughter Ali. “They said there are not many cabins in the area,” Roger added.

Using premium bedding and furnishings and paper products, Roger said, “We want our guests to be comfortable.”

And I can assure that we were. The Bullocks literally think of everything. They have from shampoo and conditioner to a tea bag and coffee if you didn’t think to bring your own.

The Design for Cave Creek Cabins

When creating the cabins, Roger put on his thinking cap,. “When I design, I try to look at the user end. I didn’t want widows facing each other,” he said about the two adjacent cabins that are connected by a walkway between the two decks.

“The bedrooms are opposite ends of each other on the first and bottom floors,” Roger said. “each has their own level so it is great for families with kids. Downstairs we have a ton of games and DVD’s and even a sofa sleeper that pulls out.”

Outdoor Space

Cave Creek Cabin
This path is a great place for a morning walk

There is both an upper and lower deck. Each deck is a thing of beauty. They are so thought out with a drink rail and a wonderful view! There is a fire pit with chairs sitting around and Roger provides wood for a fire and charcoal for the grill that is also nearby.

Cave Creek cabins
This fire pit sits near the creek.

Just a short walk from the cabin is an old railway trail that is now a walkway. Rose and I took a short walk in the morning and enjoyed the tree cover and peaceful view of the creek along the way.

Who stays at Cave Creek Cabins?

While there is a mix of visitors, Roger said their main audience seems to be mainly girlfriend getaways. They are the more mature audience coming to southern Illinois mostly in the fall to enjoy the orchard, the wineries and the Shawnee forest. “In Mt. Vernon, there is a group in their 70’s that graduated in the 1970’s. They are now spread all over and they get together every year. The first year we were open, they came here and they haven’t went anywhere else ever since,” Roger said.

Couples also come to the cabins. Rose and I enjoyed the quiet. There is no internet connection so we kicked back and talked. Roger had accompanied us to dinner and after an early meal we just settled in and relaxed!

Pinckneyville Tractor Show and DuQuioin State Fair Goers

The cabins are almost always booked Sept-November, but the summer and late winter months are not as busy. If you are looking for a great place to stay with the family for the American Thresherman Show or the DuQuoin State Fair, keep these cabins in mind. It is only about a 45 minute drive. There is lots of room the cabin is clean, quiet and beautiful!

The only note is if taking a tractor, take it to the location and drop off the trailer because it is a one lane road to the cabin and you don’t want to be pulling a trailer on these winding roads especially after dark!


Call 1.618.316.2842 for reservations!

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  1. Roger Bullock

    Thank you Cindy and Rose for visiting us at Cave Creek Cabins. I really enjoyed our conversations about your blog.

    1. Cindy

      Roger, we certainly enjoyed our visit. Cave Creek Cabins is wonderful!