Take in Fun Fall Festivals!

Here in Central Illinois fun fall festivals abound. I am sure the same is true where you are. Check your local newspaper or Facebook to see what is happening in your neck of the woods! What can you find?

Cemetery Walks

fun at fall festivals

I attended the fascinating “Walk Through Oak Ridge Cemetery.” Actors at Oak Ridge Cemetery portrayed some of the influential people from Springfield, Illinois that have schools named after them. Many of the actors shared their interactions with Abraham Lincoln it was a fascinating day in Springfield. Thanks to the Sangamon County Historical Society for all their hard work putting on this event.

Do you have an upcoming cemetery walk in your town?

Fall Color Drives

There are a few different fall color drives. Unable to do field work one day we attended the Spoon River Drive. The Spoon River Drive is the first two weekends in October and takes place all along the beautiful Spoon River. I love the lovely historic sites and some of the fun decor along the way.

In London Mills they have so many historic sites along with the flea markets, beautiful scenery and sites. This year my husband Keith and I toured the cool Ross Hotel which belongs to the London Mills Community Association. The hotel is maintained as a museum that authentically depicts a small town hotel circa 1884 to 1920.

fun fall festivals
This is the dining room in the Ross Hotel

Ross Hotel
I loved touring this historic museum during the Spoon River Drive.

London Mills has several historic sites like the Statue of Liberty put up by the Boy Scouts and Harold Welch’s Studio where his son Franklin “Chico” Welsch now does woodcarving.

There was amazing food. We had chicken and noodles at the Old Red Schoolhouse. What fall drives do you have coming in your area?

Indian Summer celebrations

Land Art at Lincoln Memorial Gardens

One of my favorite places to visit as the leaves turn is Lincoln Memorial Gardens. It was the Springfield Civic Garden Club that spearheaded the idea of Lincoln Memorial Gardens. In honor of the President that never visited this idyllic spot. Famous landscape architect Jens Jensen was hired during the 1930’s to help design this area along the shores of Lake Springfield. Today there are trails to hike, a nature center to view with a gift shop and several events to attend.

This year I attended the Indian Summer festival where they had tons of fun things to do. I went with my daughter and grandkids where they built fairy houses. We looked at some nature art. They painted pumpkins and more!

What is your favorite Indian Summer event?

Make Plans

All around you there are Halloween, Christmas, Holiday and New Year’s events coming down the pike. (To learn more about Halloween’s origins, read on! ) Don’t miss out because they passed you by. Some events require tickets like the fashion show I want to attend in Springfield. Other events I will have to bypass this year because the fields are running late so I have to stick close to home this fall and on into the winter a bit later than usual. But I am finding there are tons of things to do right here in my backyard an I am sure the same is true for you as well. Have fun at fall festivals!

I would love to hear about your favorite events. I love to travel to events and check them out. Please share!

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  1. Chelsey Knuth

    I love taking scenic fall drives! The Spoon River drive sounds amazing!

    1. Cindy

      It is a great way to celebrate the season.

  2. Carol Colborn

    Cemetery walks sound so intriguing. And I didn’t know fall color drives are as great as in New England. And the Hotel Museum would be great to visit!

    1. Cindy

      They were all wonderful!

  3. Erin

    You’re right that these events are all coming down the pike, and it feels like the year is passing by so quickly. I like your idea of a fall color tour, which sounds perfect right now in Southwest Michigan! I’ve also been wanting to visit local cider mills for their seasonal activities and foods. Great reminder to research local events and get out before we miss them!

    1. Cindy

      They come so quickly if you don’t make plans they pass you by!

  4. Kylie N

    I went on a night time cemetery walk in Dubuque IA! They do them throughout October and talk about the various influential people that are buried there that came from Dubuque…very interesting!

    1. Cindy

      I think it is very interesting!