5 Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit!

It’s the middle of November and with Thanksgiving so late this year, many are starting their Christmas celebrations early. With harvest barely behind us and Halloween a recent memory, how do you get into the holiday spirit? I have a few tips that I have been using to kick start the holiday spirit at the Ladage household

Holiday Decor!

holiday spirit
The fabulous fox decor brings on the Holiday cheer!

Number 1. Go where the holiday decorations are! Yesterday we attended an event in St. Louis at the Fabulous Fox. While the event was not holiday in nature, the Fox was decorated with Christmas trees and fa la la! By the time we left, our friends and we all were booking more holiday fun. The holiday decorations just beget holiday cheer!


Number 2. Shop! There are so many cool small towns and decorated festivals to visit to find the best items. Almost every year we travel to the Amana Colonies Iowa, and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the Colony architecture, shops and traditions. Read about our Amana adventures!

Every year we head for the Amana Colonies the first week in December. Antiquing is one of Keith’s favorite activities!

Where is your favorite place to find Christmas presents? I love to have my shopping done by Thanksgiving. I have my list and much to my youngest daughter’s dismay I have been singing “Cindy Claus is Coming to Town” around the house as I order from Amazon and go to local stores to pick out what I want for my friends and family. Like Santa, I’m making a list and checking it twice finding something pretty and nice!


Number 3. Christmas Music! This evening I was listening to Christmas Music and the other morning my Alexa was playing Country Christmas as I made breakfast. How can you frown when singing holiday melodies unless maybe you are listening to Merle’s “If we make it through December”.


Number 4. Christmas baking! Keith, my husband makes the best turtles in the world. This evening he was in the kitchen making a batch and this means Christmas to us. They don’t last long and he makes them several times during the holidays. By the way, they go perfect with hot chocolate!

There is just something about the smell of holiday favorites in the kitchen, that has memories wrapped up in them.


Number 5. Christmas movies. Who doesn’t love a Hallmark Christmas movie. Keith tells me he could write the plot, but I really don’t care. There is something about sitting near the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree with a cup of whatever cheers you. Add a warm blanket, a good movie and voila, holiday cheer!

So, get shopping, heading to your favorite travel destinations for holiday festivals and food. Then burrow in, bake, listen to music and celebrate in whatever way makes you smile! I hope these five tips will soon have you in the Holiday Spirit!

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  1. Chrysa

    These are all great ideas! I love traveling around and looking at the Christmas displays

    1. Cindy

      Thanks! I love the holidays and these all sure help me get into the spirit!