Christmas Eve Down on the Farm

I took the Twas the Night Before Christmas and made my own Christmas Eve Down on the Farm, I hope you like it!

Christmas Eve Down on the Farm

‘Twas the night before Christmas, down on the farm

The barn cats were cuddled on the pad in the shed

The groundhog was tunneled

Deep in his underground bed.

The coyotes were howling at the Christmas Eve Moon

All waiting in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there soon.

Mr. Farmer was snoring dreaming of pocket ledgers

And collectibles to add to his display

An 1890 John Deere ledger or a rare wooden sleigh!

I was dreaming of grandkids and stories and such

When I heard something that brought me out of my stupor in a rush.

I looked out the window when out on the lawn

A many pronged buck stood next to a fawn

They looked at me, I knew it was a sign I could feel

The peace of the Savior quiet and still.

Through the loss and gain of this tumultuous past year

I received a gift through this Christmas Eve deer.

The very next morning

I woke without a care

Not wondering what gifts I had

Or who would be there

For the greatest gift the world had ever received

Had already been delivered long ago

That first Christmas Eve.

That deer was a reminder this eve on the farm

No matter the worries

There can be no harm

For the bill, the cares of the world

Matter not

Payments were made

Love has been wrought.

But now, the cats are crying for breakfast

The farmer wants fed.

The grandkids are ready

For Santa’s presents and to get out of bed.

My mother waits in town

Time to get on my way

But for a moment in time

I’ve been blessed beyond words

By the Christmas Eve visit before Christmas Day.

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