The DNA I know

DNA clear on our faces, my sister, mom and me!

I’d like to try 23 and Me

and verify my DNA past.

To know exactly where I came from

Definitely at last

However the DNA I know

Has facts for sure and tells a story I see

Like my Grandma Carrie Ena Pearcy

Her cornflower blue eyes she gave my sister and me.

Her sweet disposition is nowhere to be found

In either of us but grandpa Merle’s stubborn streak

Is surely all around.

Grandpa Ralph Disque

Gardened and loved the land

I married a farmer with roots so deep

I always know where I stand.

Some of my cousins I can see

References to us as well

My mom is mirrored more everyday

I live her words I seem to tell.

My two older children look

Like my husband through and through

While the youngest

Is a throw back to the Pearcy crew.

No I’d love to know where on the map

My DNA is culled

But the family that surrounds me

And left me pulled

Me to them like a hug

And I hold on tight

To the DNA I see

Clear as daylight!

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