Finding Faith at the Boston Presbyterian Church

We were traveling down south at the end of January. Looking for a church on our way to the Pebble Hill Plantation we hoped to find a place to worship on the way. That is where the beautiful Boston Presbyterian Church comes in!

Boston Presbyterian Church
Wonderful church that welcomed us in!


We had Googled and found a church in Thomasville, Georgia, our ultimate destination. The service however, began about the time we wanted to start our tour at the plantation. Before leaving Valdosta, we had looked up a Lutheran Church, which is the denomination we attend at home. We hoped to attend the service there. However, the service didn’t start until almost 11. We needed to be well on our way to Thomasville by then. Nothing was seeming to work out quite right. We prayed we would find a church to attend, not wanting to miss a chance to worship. This was about the time we were arriving in Boston, Georgia.

Boston Presbyterian Church

The first address I had found on WAZE was for the larger Presbyterian Church. But when we went looking for it, we almost drove right to the beautiful Boston Presbyterian Church. We saw people parking and entering this lovely historic church. Keith and I know a sign when we see one. We parked and walked to the heavy church door. A woman was sitting at the organ. We asked if church was beginning, she said, “No, but Sunday School is about the begin.”

I looked at my husband Keith and he looked at me and we decided to attend. We were two of about five parishioners in the single Sunday School service. Their Sunday School teacher had moved to Florida a while back and they were each taking turns reading. They welcomed us with open arms and invited us to take part in the lesson. We could not believe it when the story turned out to be about inviting “foreigners” into your midst. There we were and they were surely inviting us in!

History of the Boston Presbyterian Church

The Boston Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA). It is part of the Flint River Presbytery. It was interesting to learn that the church was organized in 1836 by several Scotch families. The church was originally located in “Old Boston”, 2 or 3 miles west of the present town site. On the back of our program the history stated, “In 1861 the church was moved to near its present site and renamed Bethany Presbyterian Church. An annex was added in 1950 and expanded in 1982. The present manse was built in 1958.

I was so touched that we were welcomed so easily. They asked if we were moving to the area. I think they were hoping for new members. They only had a congregation that day of around 12. The program states, “We welcome as members all who have received Jesus Christ as their personal savior from sin and Lord of their life.”

It was easy to be part of this group that opened their arms to us and all that love the Lord. It was a quiet group that invited us to sit in their pews. They asked us to eat at their cafe in town. They shared where to dine in Thomasville. We had to head on down the road, so they recommended the Plaza Restaurant and Oyster Bar which also happens to be the oldest restaurant in Georgia. The food was wonderful by the way!


We left the service satisfied from Rev. Don West’s wonderful sermon and the greetings. It is interesting to note that he is not a Presbyterian originally. When they needed a minister, he fit the bill. Now he has been there for years and years!

With such a small congregation, they are barely holding on, and we pray they will last for years to come. I don’t know if we were a blessing to them. But they were surely a blessing to us. Thank you Lord for the faith we found in Boston, Georgia!

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