Downtown Decatur take a look!

There is fun to be had in downtown Decatur!

The last few blogs I have written have profiled stops I visited in Decatur, Illinois. My friend Annie Jansen and I get together once a month or so and we play tourists in central, Illinois. During July we choose Decatur and toured the James Millikin Homestead, the Hieronymus Mueller Museum and the fascinating Staley Museum to get a sense of Decatur history!

After checking out all these stops, Annie and I went downtown to check out a few sites and dine!

I learned that President Taft once gave a speech in this building that was moved from its original location in 1962. The lovely fountain in front is new and the Manager of the Gin Mill where we ate said it replaced an older fountain.


I love statues and we had to take a picture of the WWI Memorial in Central Park. We enjoyed the fact that the statue had a mask on in respect to COVID-19!

The Gin Mill

Annie and I loved the cool decor in the Gin Mill. They have a neat 1880!s bar that Teddy Roosevelt once sat at the end of. There is a large table that lots of business deals have gone down and chandeliers that glow. There is also wallpaper that you have to look close to see are really skulls!

We learned that they serve amazing steaks, fresh seafood and original gourmet dishes. However, we ordered some really nice flat bread pizza and shared. We celebrated Annie’s birthday and were too full to even try a dessert.

A lot of history, some good food so check it out!


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