Traveling with Mom!

Travel is always a joy, but isn’t it better when you have someone to travel with as well? Over the years I have been blessed to take many trips with my mom, Lori Disque. With COVID-19 and such of course we haven’t been able to hit the road as often as we like as of late, but we try to make the most of it.

Ride alongs

Mom ends up doing a lot of ride-alongs. Last week, I was working on an article about Route 66 in Central Illinois for Travel Awaits and mom came along as I shot pictures of these wonderful and familiar stops. We had fun as we traversed the countryside seeing the treasures that Route 66 has to offer.

While I could have did this on my own since my husband Keith is tied up in the fields, it was surely much more fun to have a companion.

Mom has opinions about what she likes along the Route and what she thinks looks good which helps too.


I laughed when Mom told me that a friend of hers asked if she reads what I write. Mom said, “I don’t have to, she reads it to me.”

Mom serves as a sounding board. I often call her and read my latest blog or story out loud. It is a good way to find errors. It is amazing how many times I’ve gone over something and just by reading it out loud I find something wrong that I missed.

Often since she has been on the trip or ride along she can also provide input as well. Another opinion sure can be helpful and when I don’t take her advice, she isn’t judgmental.


We’ve been to Chicago, Branson, Alabama, Savannah, Indiana and everywhere in between. Often my sister Debbie has come along. Best of all, we have made memories along the way. I have dragged her to tractor events, museums, unveilings and to places she never thought she’d go. She’s always a trooper and usually enjoys them. The only place she complained about was the Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis that she says I spent too much time in. She’s wrong, but we all have to be wrong sometime!

What’s next?

There is no big trip on our agenda at the moment, just birthday plans for her big day at the end of October. But whatever comes our way, I just want to say thanks, for the time, the ride-alongs, the edits and most of all for being there!

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