Lincoln trail in Carlinville IL

Lincoln trail

On a Sunday afternoon Keith and I took off for a drive. We wanted to wander, and found ourselves in Carlinville, Illinois. While I had hoped that the lovely bakery, the Hawthorn Tree I had discovered on the square would be open it was not. However, what I did find instead was Lincoln! It is not surprising to find Abraham Lincoln in this area. It seems he traveled nearly everywhere in central Illinois! But the things we found were rather marvelous and fun reminders of our 16th President. These were also neat Lincoln trail finds!

Lincoln on the square

In an alcove the first picture I spied was of Lincoln as a lawyer. Doing a bit of research I learned that this picture was painted by Florida artist and Carlinville native David Bellm. In 2015, he painted the picture at the request of his father Earl Bellm. The painting was created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the assassination’s of Abraham Lincoln. The picture is so life like and quite startling it is unexpected.

I also love that he put a Route 66 sign in he background since this is along Route 66!

Mr. Bellm’s beautiful painting!

The painting is outside of Veriticchio & Veriticchio Law Office. A call to the law office confirmed that the other picture I marveled at, of a young Abe Lincoln, as a rail splitter, was also painted by Mr. Bellm as well. This picture sits nearby and the woman at the law office said it was painted about six months later after the Lincoln lawyer picture.

Mr. Bellm’s Lincoln painting on the square.

Again, the painting is quite lifelike and shows a daydreaming Lincoln looking of things to come!

The Lincoln Stone

Just driving around I saw this stone with a plaque. I noted that it was a marker. Being who I am, I made Keith turn around and I was so glad I did! We learned it was a Lincoln marker denoting a speech where Abraham Lincoln came to Carlinville to make a speech in his senatorial race against Stephen Douglas on August 31, 1858.

Lincoln stone and plaque where he made his speech!

While there, he made a speech with beautiful language divesting the constitutionality of slavery. He didn’t win the Senate race. However, just two years later, he became the President. The site of the marker and speech is in front of the United Methodist Church at the corner of South Broad and East First Streets.

Find your way to Carlinville for your own Lincoln trail and hopefully your will find the Hawthorn open, their food is quite delectable!

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