Election Day

I have always loved Election Day. With my birthday falling on November 4th, half of the time, I could actually count on having a holiday for my birthday. As a kid, while I didn’t get the fun summer pool parties and the summer whooptey do celebrations, I could claim Election Day as my own. Sort of.

At the polling place today.

The importance of the Day!

I do think it is important to take time to vote. Each of us have the very hard-won opportunity to vote for those we think will serve as President, Governor, Mayor, School Board President etc. National decisions, and day to day decisions effect our daily lives in a variety of ways.

We have no right to complain about the choices our elected officials make, if we didn’t choose the ones making decisions that affect us.

I voted!

So, today, I didn’t travel far. Keith and I traveled to Farmersville. We voted, and made our selections. This year is a tumultuous one. I anticipate lots of questions as decisions are wrestled with as ballots are counted and recounted.

However, that sacred right, that so many fought so hard for, especially for those of color and women to be able to make our choices. This was an important day. Not just a day I can call my own and think birthday, but a day I can choose who represents me.

Whether anyone else agrees or not, doesn’t matter, the choice is mine to make in that ballot box, mine alone.

In Canton read about history of voting back when.

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