Marla & Cindy’s Review – Springfield Carriage Co.

The Springfield Carriage Co.

The Springfield Carriage Co. is the first of several restaurant reviews my friend Marla and I plan to make together. We plan on trying out new places in the Central Illinois area and reporting our feedback here in my Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl Blog. Are we professional foodies? No, we are just two gals that like to eat!

Me and Marla!

The Springfield Carriage Co.

I spied this cool restaurant, The Springfield Carriage Co. while on a walk with blogger friends. Located at 724 E. Edwards it is in a quiet part of Springfield and that is a big plus. Marla had heard good things about it through relatives so she was ready to give it a try. We were there for a belated birthday celebration for her. I loved the fact that the place has a lot of history. In fact, they brought us a sheet that I was able to even take with me sharing the history of the home!

Springfield Carriage Co.

The History

The house belonged to John Zellars who was originally from Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Margaret married and came to Springfield, after their marriage in Philadelphia. He is listed as a Teamster and a farmer, and according to his obituary a tailor. The lot was bought from Elijah Iles in 1840. The Zellers appear to have built and moved into in the house sometime in the 1850s’. They stayed there until their deaths. Mary Zellers passed in 1890. John Zellers in 1892.

Decor and Food

The Springfield Carriage House is decorated quite nicely. Marla noticed the breakfast menu. She heard it is quite good. We both ordered the Italian Beef sandwich. They were tender and tasty. We couldn’t eat the whole sandwich I had corn fritters with ranch as a side. Marla had the traditional fries. “The food was good and the atmosphere was down home,” Marla said.

The dinner menu looked quite extensive, I look forward to coming back.


I was excited to hear that they have live entertainment on the weekends as well. That is a big draw for me. We both give the Springfield Carriage Co. a tip of our cups in approval! (coffee for Marla and tea for me). We will be back.

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  1. Marty

    Sounds like a place I’d like to try! What are their breakfast hours?

  2. Cindy

    They open at 8:00 am! Choices looked good!

  3. Trevor Miller

    Nice site I checked out lots of your posts
    I also love to travel like you and your husband but I don’t blog nearly enough

    1. Cindy

      Thanks for the kind comments, it takes lots of time to blog, I’ll have to check yours out!