Living Landmarks of Chicago a review

Living Landmarks of Chicago

Whenever I travel I always have a book with me. What is better than a book sharing history about places to go? I was excited to read all about Chicago landmarks and learn the backstory of these amazing buildings in Living Landmarks! The entire name of Theresa L. Goodrich’s book is Living Landmarks of Chicago Tantalizing tales and skyscraper stories: bringing Chicago’s landmarks to life! I received this book to review and it has been a smooth ride ever since I received it. The stories are like little mini novellas for each site. There are 50 iconic Chicago landmarks that Theresa has diligently covered in her book. I have been to some, and not to others.

Reading about landmarks like the Palmer House that I have stayed at many times ,is like visiting an old friend, but learning secrets I didn’t know, like learning the Palmer House chef’s invented the brownie! Same with the Chicago Art Institute, I never knew the story behind the lions that guard the entrance.

With my love of agricultural history, the Glessner Mansion has always been a favorite and Theresa opens that chapter with such beautiful turn of phrase, “The building on the corner of 18th and Prairie is like a lava cake rolled in a thick layer of coarsely chopped nuts.”

Besides her beautiful phraseology you can see her love of gourmet cooking coming through. This book is a masterpiece of history and a travelogue that will inspire you to visit the landmarks you have not seen, and to go back to those that you have. I want to stay at the Federal Life Building AKA Hotel Julian. Take me to Studebaker Brothers’ Lake Front Carriage Repository so I can ride an elevator with a real person. You get me gist, the list goes on and on.

All I can really say is buy the book and make your own Chicago bucket list. You better hurry though because there are a lot of buildings to see and time doesn’t stand still! The book sells for $24.99 and through the end of June a portion goes to cancer survivors, a cause near and dear to Theresa’s heart.

When I was in my dermatologist’s office, I had the book with me. They were asking all about the book and I wrapped my arms around it tightly and had to behave and not act like a toddler and say, “Mine”. So I am sharing where you too can find your own Living Landmarks of Chicago! Just click on the name and the link will open! Happy reading.

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