Tractor Raffle-Collectors Give Back

Ansar Ag Corps

The antique tractor community is a kind one, and collectors give back in many ways.  One way is by offering raffle tractors to raise funds for worthy causes. To do this, collectors like Mark Dozier from Morrisonville, Illinois take time to restore antique tractors.  In this particular case, Mark, a member of the Ansar Ag Corps along with his fellow Shriners just finished restoring a 1965 Farmall 706 that Mark said, “Is made to look like a Farmall 1206 model tractor, because a 1206 catches your eye.”

The beautiful raffle tractor.1

The tractor came from Barker Implement who provided Ansar Ag Corps with a good deal!

The tractor is a local one.  It came from Barker Implement which was originally an Allis Chalmers dealership founded in the 60’s by Kenneth and Alice Barker. The Barkers are Grandparents of the current owner Josh Weakly who worked out a good deal with the Ag Shriners.

 “This is a fund raiser so our club, the Ansar Ag Corp can send funds to the Shriner Hospital,” Mark said.   All proceeds will go to the hospital once they have recouped their cost. The money raised goes primarily to either St. Louis or Chicago hospitals.  This year the money raised from raffling the Farmall tractor along with funds raised by the ANSAR members is assisting with the cost of an anesthesia machine!

This is a team effort, and, in an article, I wrote for Red Power a while back, Jay Germann, of the Ag Corp Shriners explained a who the Ansar Ag Corp’s are.  “Ag Corp is a parade unit of the Ansar Shrine.  The Ansar is a temple in the Shriners, and it supports the Shriners.  Our parade unit consists of antique tractor fanatics. There are about seventy members, and we are about 300 tractors strong.”

The tractor was just finished on July 25th.  Mark said that it sure looks different today than when they started out.  “It came with a loader when we bought it.  We put on new tires, rims, a grill, fenders, a new seat and new steering wheel. We also polished the 3-point hitch quadrant.”

Details about how to get the tickets and more!

Over the months during the restoration Mark has grown fond of the tractor.  In fact, when they came yesterday to take it to a member’s home to store Mark’s wife Kelli said she went along, “For moral support when it left the shop.”

Kelli and Mark Dozier

The tractor will be on display at Half Century of Progress and the Farm Progress Show!  Tickets for the -tractor sell for $20 each, or three for $50 or eight for $100! To purchase a ticket, call Mark Dozier at -217-827-0789 or Jay German at 217-341-1692, or through the Ansar Ag Corps Shriner Facebook page.

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