Savannah Family Style


This past June, we traveled to Savannah, Georgia with my brother and sister-in-law-in-law Craig & Debbie Ladage We were supposed to go to Ireland last June, then it got postponed to this June. You know what happened to that! We decided not to mope. But rather to celebrate our respective anniversaries at the port of Savannah over a fun weekend in high spirits!

I had been to the area before, but my in laws had not, however I had not stayed in downtown Savannah near the River, before, I had always stayed on nearby Tybee Island.

Ocean at Tybee

Tybee Island

After flying out of Belleville’s easily accessible airport, we landed in Savannah and picked up our HUGE Ram truck rental! Sitting high, we headed for Tybee! Our first stop was oceanfront where we hit the WINDY shore and viewed the Tybee Pier Pavilion. One fisherman had caught a shark that day. We teased Keith who (hates sharks) about this scary thought.

Down on the beach sand was flying, but we enjoyed the beautiful scene. We headed to the historic Tybee Island Lighthouse. One of the first completed in 1742 and rebuilt in 1757, with a 3rd built in 1773! It was partially destroyed during the Union occupation but has been restored. We climbed ALL the way to the top! Yours truly took several breathing brakes! It was worth it for the spectacular view! Different flags have flown here while the island was under the rule of Spanish, French, and amazingly enough pirates, as well as the Confederate government, and then finally the United States of America.

A little staging on Keith’s fear of heights!

After our big climb, then of course we deserved food and libation. We found a fun place with seafood and such near the former sit of the H.M. S. Taranto and Fort Screven.

Hotel Hilton Garden Inn, Savannah Historic District

My sister-in-law Debbie booked us the Hilton Garden Inn in the Historic District right on the river. We figured we would rather pay a bit more and be right in the heart of everything than stay further out. It turned out to be the right decision. The hotel was lovely with eclectic furniture, great views and nice staff. Our favorite part of this hotel were three things, one location. Two the bar where you could sit in the evening and have a marvelous view. Three the lobby where we would meet and look out at the River!

Great views everywhere. The eclectic furniture made this hotel fun.

Walking along the River Street

I had been along the River Street before, but forgotten just how much fun it is. Now there is the new Marriott hotel. It is worth a walk through. They have taken the former Case Crane Co. and embedded some of the historic building into the lobby area. It is amazing. There is all this very cool rock, dinosaur and fossil features.

The Marriott has amazing fossils worth seeing!

Outside on River Street there are historic markers because you are surrounded by history everywhere!

Sculptures and art lighten up the heavy history. Music is playing. Huge boats are gliding or being towed down the Savannah River. International barges filled with who knows what is fascinating to sit and watch them pass. Then there is the food. See food and eat seafood was our River Street motto! We ducked in and out of shops picking up a few fun things here and there!

Hop on, Hop off History

With 13 historic squares dating back to the Revolutionary War time Savannah is one of the loveliest cities I have ever visited! Here we were right in the heart of it! We found a wonderful breakfast stop down the road. Purchasing tickets for the hop on, hop off trolley, we used Old Town Trolley as our get around. We had heard good things about them and they gave great tours and were on time.

Craig and Debbie found Johnny Mercer that wrote Moon River!

We toured the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist which became a Cathedral in 1858. Stopping at the Mercer Williams House on Monterey Square, this home was the scene of the murder that plays a key role in the story, and is now a museum you can visit. I had never heard the story so it was quite fascinating. The house is an art museum which makes sense because the owner had been an art dealer.

One of the most beautiful sites we saw, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist!

We stopped at the very old Pirate’s House where back when people went in and then were shipped out in service never to return again! We did these fun stops and more!

The American Prohibition Museum

One day we stopped at the American Prohibition Museum It was fun to see the prohibition history and go through the museum. While it was done in fun there was a lot of agricultural ruin when prohibition went into effect and a lot of religious aspects and different opinions in the story. It was an interesting stop overall.

A little class at the American Prohibition Museum!

The National Mighty Eight Museum

Before heading home we drove out to Pooler GA to learn the story of the World War II National Mighty Eight Museum. It was very interesting. We saw an array of history from the airman, a B17 and more. Keith and my son-in-law and grandson had been here before, but we had not. This was a very touching stop it was quite amazing.

This jeep is just one of the items of War history that we saw!

The Wrap

What was best about this trip was that while it seems we saw a lot, and we did is that it was not scheduled. I can’t begin to say all we learned and forgot! It was not a frantic be here, be there type of trip. I often travel to write and I did not for this trip. It was a trip to relax and enjoy the beauty of the area and the company of my husband and two people I really enjoy. With Savannah as a beautiful backdrop we left the busy to do lists behind and immersed ourselves in Southern hospitality and food and let ourselves be wooed! I advise that you try it too! Savannah offers a great courtship! You too will fall in love!

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  1. Rob + Ann @TravelLatte

    Savannah is such a great city to explore! Equally great to sit and watch the people and the boats on the river. 🙂 We haven’t been there in a while, though. Might have to go check out that new Marriott!! We’ve also never visited the Mercer House – we never seem to plan enough time in Savannah. Actually, to be honest, we just always get distracted with all of the restaurants. 🤣

    1. Cindy

      Savannah is so lovely, there is never enough time to see it all!

  2. Nick

    One of your photo captions has an error. James Pierpoint wrote “Jingle Bells.”

  3. Cindy

    You are right, thanks so much, I corrected this to Moon River!