Farm Girl, A Memoir by Megan Baxter

I always have a book in my hand and on my nightstand. Because I always travel with a book, I occasionally accept books for review. My latest read was Farm Girl, A Memoir, by writer, Megan Baxter. The book Farm Girl A Memoir was recently sent to me to review. The story is of a young woman desperately in love with the art of farming. Since the age of 15 she has been working summers on a 40-acre organic farm. She has also been in a four-year relationship. However, the relationship is falling apart. Megan is trying to fit into the mold created by others. Her lover, addicted to drugs, is one mold that no longer fits her life.

Farm Girl A Memoir

The Plot

She doesn’t want to give up, on what was. The question becomes, can Megan nurture him to health like the plants she lovingly brings from seed to harvest? The book pivots between her failing love life, and the unfolding beauty of the farm. The farm unfolds like a flower in all of its glory and poetic beauty. I can relate to the young woman she was. When in college I remember taking a career aptitude test. The results were that I should be a farmer. I am in sort. I married one!

From line one, you will be wrapped in the magic of the plot. You too will want to see how this real-life story will end.

Megan Baxter

Megan’s first book was ‘The Coolest Monsters, A Collection of Essays’ was published in 2018 by Texas Review Press. Her memoir ‘Farm Girl’ was released July 1, 2021, from Green Writers Press. Megan is pleased to announce that her essay collection ‘The Body (Electric) will be published by Mad Creek Books from Ohio State Press as part of their 21st Century Essay Series.

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