Review of 100 Things to Do in Iowa Before You Die


Keith and I spend a lot of time in Iowa. I thought I had seen a good part of this state, and I have, but reading my friend Sara Broer’s book, 100 Things to Do in Iowa Before You Die, I see there is a lot more I need more to see and do! My favorite thing hands down about this book, is the index with the suggested itineraries! Sara provides several wonderful day trip or longer options which makes travel planning easy peasy.

Sara Broers sent me the book to review, and 100 Things to Do in Iowa Before You Die, is published by Reedy Pres and was just recently released.

She is a travel enthusiast, writer and blogger. She has lived on a farm in Iowa all her life. The CEO of, Sara says, that she will, “travel wherever a plane, train ship, or car will go.”

Sara center when she was here in Springfield visiting with Melody Pittman. We toured Springfield.

Thankfully for the rest of us, as she shows so clearly in this book, she has researched the highways and byways of Iowa. Not only has she researched them, but in the Table of Contents she lists activity by ideas for you to follow. She even breaks up different things to do per season.

So, after reading, where do I want to go?

For a girl that has traveled many places in Iowa, I want to go have Lunch in The alley! Sara shared, “Ottumwa’s Canteen Lunch in the Alley has been in business since 1927.”

The Canteen sandwich sounds a bit like a Maidrite, but the pies are calling my name even though I don’t think I better join in the World Champion Pie Eating Contest! Every year I end up in Dyersville for the National Farm Toy Show. I have eaten at the wonderful Ritz, but never knew there was All-You-Can-Eat-Shrimp!

Next trip!

My next Iowa trip may have to be to what Sara calls, “The Eighth Wonder of the World!” I really want to see the wonder, the Grotto of Redemption in West Bend, Iowa, this shrine sounds magnificent!

Last year I made it to beautiful Pella, but I didn’t know there was also a Tulip Time festival in Orange City Iowa? New town, and new festival, I need to go! I love hot air balloons! I didn’t know that Indianola has a huge nine-day balloon festival with live music and fireworks.

Are you like me love to learn about different culture? While I have been to wonderful Danish Elkhorn, I didn’t know that Decorah is home to Nordic Fest, what fun! Then there is Hollywood and literary history. I have never been to the Bridges of Madison County. And time, I never or heard the clocks chime in Spillville. Then there is glamping, I’ve never camped in a Yurt at McIntosh Woods. I am missing out!

Sara mixes, sports, music, history, dining, shopping and a bit of everything anyone would want to do. She lives the life of a Midwestern traveler. Sara spouts the wonders here in the forgotten land. The land that we farm with agricultural roots sink deep with history and mystery! She covers it all in this book that I learned today has hit # one on Amazon!

Get your copy

The book is available wherever books or sold and is part of the 100 Thins to Do Before You Die Series!

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